Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill: It can change the way India drives.

Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill: It can change the way India drives.

The Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill has been in discussion since 2016 to incorporate certain necessary changes in the existing Motor Vehicles Act. In the current year, the amendment proposal has once again been raised and this time, it has been taken to the Parliament. While this Bill is of great significance to the drivers and vehicle owners across the nation, it is equally important for transport providers, corporates/schools with transport service as well as fleet operators. Following the list of some important proposals in the Bill:

  1. Aadhaar is mandatory to get a driver’s license and vehicle registration
  2. Compensation for deaths in hit-and-run cases will be revised from 25000 INR to 2 lacs+ INR
  3. Guardians/vehicle owners will be held responsible in case of a juvenile traffic violation. If they were not aware, then the juvenile will be tried under the Juvenile Justice Act and the vehicle registration will get cancelled in either scenario.
  4. People offering help to accident victims will have no obligation to reveal their identities to police/medical personnel.
  5. Changes to the existing penalty system (values in INR):
CauseExisting PenaltyRevised Penalty
Drunk driving2000+10000+
No license500+5000+
Rash Driving10005000
Not wearing seatbelt1001000
Talking on phone while driving10005000
  1. Vehicles to be altered mandatorily to accommodate specially-abled people

Figure 1: Road accidents are very common in India; hence stringent laws have to be in place for the safety of the people (Source: The Indian Express –

  1. All road users will get compulsory insurance cover for a certain type of accidents by a Motor Vehicle Insurance Fund
  2. Contractors/consultants/civic agencies will be held responsible for any mishaps related to road accidents due to faulty design, poor maintenance or construction.
  3. A time limit of 6 months to be adhered to, regarding compensations related to road accidents
  4. Liability caps are to be removed, which were introduced during the 2016 Bill (10 lacs INR for death and 5 lacs INR for grievous injuries)
  5. Driving license can be renewed up to one year before or after the expiry date, as compared to the existing one-month limit.
  6. Vehicles using substandard components can be recalled by the government and the manufactures can be fined up to Rs. 500 crore INR

How transport automation providers can help

Now, if we look at how transport automation providers can tackle these changes:

  • Most transport solution providers have a drivers’ module integrated with their software, which makes registering their Aadhaar card, driving license and other documents very easy.
  • Moreover, a trigger can be set up such that if the license or validity of some other essential document is about to expire, it will notify both the management admin and the driver.
  • On the other aspects, while it is the sole responsibility of the driver to ensure not to involve in drunk driving, talking on phone while driving, etc., a transport monitoring solution can provide certain details to the transport admin team on cases of over-speeding, accident, rash or zigzag driving (caused due to DUI) in real-time, so they can take immediate action on the same.
  • To elaborate, the affected vehicle will often show up in red on the system if drivers are not following certain rules, or an SOS alert will be sent to the admin team in case of any mishap. This not only ensures the prevention of most accidents but also gives the students/employees a sense of trust and security whenever they are using your transport.

Without a proper transport solution, handling all of these changes together can be troublesome and often get out of hand beyond your control, while as the corporate/school, you may have to pay for the indiscipline behaviours of your transport drivers.

Safetrax, one of India’s leading transport automation solution provider, provides a feature called eSafe, which is a driver behaviour monitoring solution which helps you analyse undesirable driver behaviours such as speeding, swerving, hard braking, etc and eliminate inefficient driving habits, increase safety and keep costs down. It also comes with features like regular reports, dashboard and driver scorecard.

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