Transporting employees with utmost care during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Transporting employees with utmost care during the COVID-19 outbreak.

As India is now officially on lock down to curb the spread of the coronavirus, companies are bracing for the resultant economic impact. The Government of India has ordered a strict lock down throughout the country and this lock down is expected to last till mid-April after which corporates will be allowed to resume regular full-scale operations. With the IMF chief declaring that the global economy is now in recession, worse that the one in 2009, most medium and large-sized organizations are now developing contingency plans to manage operations to stay afloat and sail through the tough times ahead.

The lock down has resulted in a sudden dip in transportation requirements for corporates as most employees are currently fulfilling their duties by working from home. The lack of demand for office commute has left the transportation industry in supply shock. Cabs, buses, metro, bike rentals etc are staying off the roads to comply with the current government guideline. It is important for organizations to use this downtime to improve on the products and services that they offer or to use their resources to contribute towards relief efforts.  At Safetrax, the lock down has allowed us to work on solutions to make it safer for employees to use office cabs once businesses resume operations.

In order to protect employees from exposure to coronavirus and to ensure that the cab drivers are healthy enough to get back to work we have upgraded our product with a provision  made for the transport admins to add the last sanitized date of the vehicle on the transport management dashboard.

Addition of the last sanitized date on the dashboard will enable transport admins to track the frequency at which the vehicle is being cleaned and it will help them follow organizational policies for sanitization. This feature also ensures that the transport admin has adequate insight about the number of vehicles that have passed or failed the sanitization standards, and to take corrective action in case the standards are not being maintained.

Other than just tracking the last sanitized date of the vehicle, on the Safetrax transport admin dashboard we have also added a feature where the transport admin can log the last recorded body temperature of the driver. This will ensure that the admins as well as the employees using the transport facility have an insight about the health of the driver who will transport them. The admins will now be able to report cases of symptomatic coronavirus among drivers to organizations and authorities in a timely and effective fashion. This step also ensures that the admin is empowered with the tools to ensure that the driver’s body temperate is monitored frequently.

In order to make the task of recording driver’s body temperature and logging in the last sanitized date of the vehicle, these features have been enabled on the mobile website of the dashboard as well.

In these times of despair, we at Safetrax, are focused on being future ready and pushing the envelope to become the number 1 provider of SAAS based transport automation platform in the market today. At Safetrax, we are with India as we face the coronavirus pandemic. We look forward to coming back into action with a bang once we all have succeeded in flattening the curve.

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