Ensuring Business continuity and remote work culture during the COVID-19 pandemic

Remote working or Working from Home (WFH) is nothing new to the corporate world.  Thanks to the internet and the influence of the western world, the Indian white collared workers have over a period of time tried remote working with some degree of success. However, currently we are witnessing a scenario where the entire workforce […]

Transporting employees with utmost care during the COVID-19 outbreak.

As India is now officially on lock down to curb the spread of the coronavirus, companies are bracing for the resultant economic impact. The Government of India has ordered a strict lock down throughout the country and this lock down is expected to last till mid-April after which corporates will be allowed to resume regular […]

Fleet operators’ plight – SAAS partners now backward integrate to become PAAS players

Over the past 5 years, fleet operators who offered an integrated transportation solution to IT and ITES organizations had multiple options in terms of a choice of SAAS partners for technology support.   However, fleet operators have been caught by surprise as some of their former SAAS partners are now in the fleet business and […]

Coronavirus outbreak to affect Location Based Services Industry (GPS, RFID, Mobile Phones)

A casual search about China on your preferred search engine will give you results about the corona virus outbreak and images of abandoned cities and offices. The situation on ground in China appears that the virus outbreak is under control and that all necessary measures are being taken to ensure that the virus is contained. […]

GPS offset in Chinese Maps

Cartographic companies introduce Trap Streets to trap potential copyright violators of the map. A trap street is a fictious entry in the form of a misrepresented street on a map. If that street later shows up on any other company’s maps, then they have the proof required to sue for copyright infringement. What if, instead […]

India’s NavIC system and its effect on IOT-based location services

India’s first indigenously built GPS constellation NavIC recently received international approval from 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) and will soon make its way into our mobile phones and GPS devices. The GPS constellation launched by ISRO was initially tested with the help of local fishermen in Kerala. According to ISRO chief K Sivan, NavIC is […]

The downside of our excessive dependence on GPS and telematics services and how we can protect ourselves during outages

GPS, satellite-based navigation and telematics play an important role in the day-to-day life of people across the world. From navigating through traffic, food delivery to giving parents information about when their child will arrive home, we rely heavily on GPS services to keep us informed. However, these services can create chaos and disruption in services […]

The changing landscape of schools in India – Impact of decline in the population of elementary school-going children: Economic Survey

The recently conducted 2019 economic survey, prepared by Chief Economic Advisor K Subramanian and discussed in Parliament by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, has put forward the necessity to merge elementary schools to make them feasible. As per statistical projections, the survey suggested an estimated decline in the population of elementary school-going children. It may inevitably […]

Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill: It can change the way India drives

The Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill has been in discussion since 2016 to incorporate certain necessary changes in the existing Motor Vehicles Act. In the current year, the amendment proposal has once again been raised and this time, it has been taken to the Parliament. While this Bill is of great significance to the drivers and […]

4 hardware challenges every company faces in Employee Transport Management and how to overcome them

GPS (Global Positioning System) works by the process of triangulation of satellites, where differences in the time taken by radio signals to travel between the receiver and each of at least three other visible satellites are calculated to determine the location, speed, and direction of the receiver on earth. Companies, particularly those who look for […]

Which video solution is apt for your School Bus?

While the memory of a school bus being attacked in Gurgaon by an angry mob protesting against a movie release might be lingering in our minds, the visuals that were retrieved from the CCTV camera installed in the bus helped realize how grave the situation was. However, we still hear cases of children being exposed […]

Shutting down of 2G Networks – Looming challenges for IOT in Logistics industry

Telecom Service Providers globally have been shutting down 2G networks. Operators in United States, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Australia have shut down 2G networks. With the advent of 5G, some Operators are also shutting down 3G Networks as well. Here’s a region-wise list of countries with 2G switch-off dates. This India-focused article proposes to examine the […]

ETS Outsourcing Dilemma – Should you outsource entirely or select specialists for different parts of the Solution

Companies are on the constant look out for opportunities to improve efficiency across all functions and save costs across all items of expenditure. The costs of transporting employees range from ₹ 3000 to ₹ 9000 per employee per month, based on different types of vehicles and company policies. Agreements with fleet providers also provide for […]

Are we prepared for AIS 140?

The Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India had initially stipulated that the public transport system needs to be streamlined and mandated Vehicle Tracking, deployment of Panic buttons and increased surveillance. These standards were supposed to go live on Apr 1 2018 and have now been pushed to Apr 1 2019. The standards require compliance […]

Safetrax integrates with Capita School Information Management System

Capita SIMS has been helping schools for nearly 30 years. The SIMS management information system is now at the centre of 21,000 schools internationally in over 40 countries. Their award-winning product range enables schools to manage students and staff information across all areas of school life. It provides the information that helps teachers to spot […]

Safetrax introduces eSafe – Driver Behaviour and Performance Monitoring Solution

Most fleet management solutions do not have a comprehensive driver behaviour monitoring solution. As a transport manager, whether managing a small or large fleet you would be interested in knowing who your best and least performing drivers are and discern what makes them perform better or worse. With a new advanced Israeli GPS module which […]

How Management benefits by implementing Transport Automation System?

Employee Transportation is one of the top expenses for medium and large sized IT companies. As the company operations expand and more employees join the fold, transportation expense is also likely to increase manifold and inefficiencies can creep in. Since the transport operations are managed by the transport desk under the Facilities department, the management […]

Three types of Routing Algorithms

Automated routing is making an impact in IT companies that has substantive employee transport operations as it not only saves time in generating routes but also produces more optimized routes. The routing typically runs on a general algorithm, however the same algorithm may not be the most optimized in different geographies and scenarios. Hence, there […]

10 things that can go wrong in Employee Transportation and how to deal with them?

1. New cabs inducted at short notice without detailed background checks and GPS Adhoc induction of cabs poses serious safety risk as vehicles ply without GPS. This problem can be solved by – 1. Vendors need to be notified that adhoc cabs should mandatorily carry a GPS device failing which billing for that vehicle will […]

How GPS, Cell Tower and Wi-Fi triangulation help in tracking location?

In the past decade, transportation both at the consumer and business level has undergone rapid transformations resulting in improved productivity and customer experience. The key to that has been the ability to track movement in real time. Real time tracking is ubiquitous, but for the transport managers and technically inclined it is fascinating to go beyond the […]

4 ways to reduce the Transport Cost per Employee

On an average Transport cost per employee per month varies from Rs. 3,500 – Rs. 10,000 depending on the city and scale of operation. Irrespective of the size and scale, companies can take steps to reduce the per employee transport cost which ultimately reduces the overall transportation and administration expense. Let us look at 4 […]

Monitoring Driver Performance for Safe Employee Transport Operation

The performance of drivers largely decides the success and stability of any transport operation. Recent years have seen the proliferation of GPS devices, and most cabs on the road today have GPS device fitted in them. However, whether the device generates the right data and whether those are tracked by the supervisors/managers is questionable. One […]

GPS device or Smartphone – which is best suited for vehicle tracking?

Most often we encounter customers asking which is preferable - GPS device or Smartphone for vehicle tracking. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and what primarily determines the selection is the transport operation arrangement in a company. For some companies it could be either one of them and others both. Let us examine the […]

Why do you need Employee Transport Automation?

IT Industry currently employees 10mn people and is poised to grow at an average CAGR of 8-9% in the next couple of years. Despite the automation wave threatening mundane jobs, the addition of new resources is likely to grow at in the same rate as in the past. Currently, about 30-40% of the employees depend […]