The major part of post-pandemic recovery includes employees returning back to offices for better collaboration and increased productivity. However, organizations are still struggling to bring employees back to the workplace, and their major challenge is office commuting. Employees no longer want to get stuck in traffic or get into the hassle of public transport to reach their office daily. As a result, organizations are seeing an increase in employee attrition rates.

In this scenario, offering employee transport can encourage employees to happily return back to offices. However, a proactive approach is required to ensure that office commute for employees is safe and hassle-free. This is what a robust employee transport management system can help organizations achieve.

Let’s understand in detail what an employee transport management software is, its benefits, and how you can choose the right TMS software for your organization.

What is an Employee Transport Management System?

An employee transport management system streamlines and automates all transport-related operations for an organization. These include preparing rosters for multiple shifts, intelligent auto-routing, live tracking, incident management, automated billing, and more. Additionally, the TMS software also generates reports for analyzing different aspects like driver performance, vehicle occupancy, time performance, fuel consumption, and more.

The full-fledged employee transport software also offers a driver and employee app to facilitate real-time communication and better employee safety. 

Who can Use Employee Transport Management System?

The employee transport management system is suitable for organizations that want to provide cab sharing or shuttle services to employees. The TMS system works best when employees have fixed shifts i.e., fixed pick-ups and drops such as IT/ ITES, BPO, and other similar ones.

Benefits of an Employee Transport Management System

  • Automation

Employee transport solutions help admin and transport departments automate manual tasks like creating routes, scheduling cabs or shuttles, creating rosters, and more by leveraging AI and machine learning. The accounts departments can also automate billing for different vendors and vehicles in standardized formats for creating a more streamlined billing cycle.

  • Increased Employee Satisfaction

Merely just providing transport to employees will not be enough to satisfy them. Using employee transport services should be equally seamless and hassle-free, which only happens by offering a user-friendly employee app. The app makes the commuting experience smoother with features like live tracking, real-time & SOS alerts, driver rating, and feedback.

  • Enhanced Employee Safety

When commuting on an employer-sponsored cab or shuttle, the employees’ safety becomes entirely the company’s responsibility. To address employee safety requirements the employee transport management software and app allows live tracking, escorts, real-time alerts, and more. However, there are certain unexpected incidents like a medical emergency, rash driving, road accident, etc., for which the employee can always trigger a SOS to ask for immediate help. This ensures quick turnaround and better incident management.

  • Driver & Vehicle Monitoring

Employee transport solutions allow you to generate multiple customized reports and data analytics. These help you identify patterns and analyze drivers’ performance on various parameters like vehicle cleanliness & hygiene, driving speed, behavior, etc. Based on this data, stakeholders can take required action and audit processes.

Moreover, admins can also monitor any driver or vehicle in real-time with the live tracking feature to know their location and speed.

  • Better Resource Utilization

Data analytics generated from an employee transport management system can help in understanding resource utilization like vehicle usage & occupancy and fuel consumption. Based on this data companies can check for wastage and add or reduce resources to achieve efficiency.

How to Choose the Right Employee Transport Management System?

  • Feature-Rich Employee Transport Management Software

Ensure that your selected ETS software provides all the necessary features such as live tracking, auto-routing, SOS alerts, incident management, real-time alerts, and more.

  • Responsive Customer Support

While selecting your transport management software for employees ensure that your vendor offers a highly responsive dedicated customer team. This must assist you throughout the implementation process, solving technical issues, and integrating software with other existing systems.

  • Dedicated Employee & Driver App

The ETS software should simplify employee transport for admins, drivers, as well as employees. Ensure that your selected vendor also provides dedicated apps for employees and drives to facilitate real-time communication and offer safety options like SOS alerts.

  • Choose Different Vendors for Tech & Fleet

This becomes highly important in an unregulated market like transport. Having different tech and fleet partners, ensure that they act as auditors for each other. For instance, admins can identify any discrepancy in fuel consumption from the fleet vendor’s side with an unbiased tech partner. Otherwise, it might go unnoticed, and you will keep paying extra money for the same.


Adopting an employee transport management system adds up to your fringe benefit offerings for your employees. The ETS software will not only help organizations to automate transport operations, but also help them ensure employee safety.

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