The COVID-19 pandemic changed the lifestyles of millions around the globe. A year and a half into the unexpected outbreak, we finally have vaccination campaigns, reducing death tolls, and a world that trepidly returns to its familiar public occupations, the most common of which are workplaces. How do you ensure that the unlock procedure remains sensitive to people’s safety? How do you set a strategy for re-socializing without harming your employees’ already-shaken physical and mental health?

Answering these questions is vital to bringing people back to a safe, healthy, and productive office environment.

How To Bring Back Employees To Workplace?

The one question on every employer’s mind is safely bringing their employees back to the workplace without exposing them to risks. Offices open their doors to their fully vaccinated employees while ensuring the virus does not spread, leading to another outbreak. Companies should promise safety at work. This can be done by sanitizing the building often, employees maintaining ample social distance, and everyone wearing masks at all times.

If you are wondering why a fully vaccinated employee needs to follow all this, think again. The World Health Organization suggests that we could still be carriers of the virus even if we are fully vaccinated. Therefore, until COVID-19 reaches an Endemic stage, we need to take ample precautions to avoid becoming carriers and infecting others on our way to and from the workplace.

What if Employees Contract the Virus During the Commute?

Over 22 million people take the train every day for numerous reasons: an alarming number, given the rates at which the virus still continues its rampage. Hence, many employees might be concerned about taking public transport, but all your employees can’t hop onto a private car to get to work. This brings the onus upon the employers to ensure safe commute options are available for employees trying to return to work. A seamless way to ensure COVID proof operations at work and on the commute, companies, can provide employee transportation.

How to Be Sure Everyone Is Safe During Commute?

Every business space’s technological advancements and automation come to the rescue of business, even in employee transportation. Investing in a transportation automation solution like Safetrax can ensure that all the employees are picked up from the designated locations, driven to the office safely, and can reach work on time without the stress of travel.

Why Automate Employee Transport?

Managing employee transportation can be a stressful task; it requires dynamic planning and a lot of iterations. In addition, the ad-hoc changes to the schedule, numerous pick-ups, and drops to reduce the employee travel time (all of which are characteristic of your typical ‘unlock’ scenario) can prove challenging for the stakeholders involved.

Investing in transportation automation software will take the strenuous and redundant tasks out of your mobility and administration team’s hands and reduce the scope for human error. Increased efficiency in the employee transportation system translates into a more productive workforce that worries less about their commute.

The transport automation solution can be used to schedule a pick-up and drop routine, live track the transportation, customize routes to suit employee location, integrate with HR systems, and reduce costs. In short, it would be a win-win for both the organization and the employees.

In Conclusion

Working from home, dealing with the pandemic, the stress of the uncertainty, etc., have put your employees through unfathomable stress over the last year and a half. Embracing the new routine to get back to offices while the pandemic still impacts lives could be stressful. Ensuring that there is a reliable and safe way to get to work and have a healthy work-life balance is the only way to encourage employees to come back to work.

The onus is upon the management to make sure the employees feel excited about returning to work. Do you agree? If you have any further questions on how to optimize your employee transportation, drop a comment. Our automation experts will get in touch with you and resolve your concerns. Stay healthy and stay safe!