Corporates are offering employee transport as an additional benefit to ease daily home-to-office commute. This helps them boost employee productivity and job satisfaction. However, as businesses grow, managing transportation becomes increasingly complex and poses potential concerns to employee safety. This is where a trusted employee transport management system comes into play. Please read our Employee Transport Comprehensive Guide to know more.

Let’s explore the top features of employee transport management system that are essential for corporates to achieve operational efficiency and employee safety.

Top ETS Features to Streamline Employee Commute

1. Easy Scheduling

Simplify and automate the process of scheduling trips for your transport teams and employees. Users can create and adjust schedules effortlessly, accommodating different shifts and employee requirements.

2. Auto-Routing

Auto-routing is an intelligent feature of employee transport management software that automatically determines the most efficient routes for timely pick-ups and drops. By considering factors such as traffic conditions, road closures, and distance, auto-routing helps in minimizing travel time and fuel consumption. Along with timely arrivals, it also reduces operational costs.

3. Live Tracking

Live tracking allows corporates and employees to monitor the real-time location of their vehicles. This feature of ETS ensures transparency, enhances safety, and helps in timely communication regarding delays or changes in schedule. Live tracking also provides peace of mind to employees, knowing that their journey is being monitored.

4. OTP-Based Verification

OTP (One-Time Password)-based verification adds an extra layer of security to the transportation system. Before boarding the vehicle, employees receive an OTP on their mobile devices, which they need to provide to the driver. This feature ensures that only authorized individuals can access the transport service, enhancing safety and security.

5. Real-Time Alerts

Real-time alerts keep all stakeholders informed about any changes or issues during the commute. Whether it’s a delay, route change, or emergency, real-time alerts ensure that employees and management are promptly notified. This feature enhances communication and allows for quick resolution of any problems that may arise.

6. ETA Notifications

Employees receive ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for their scheduled trips on the employee transport app. This feature of employee transport app reduces uncertainty and helps employees plan their time better. By providing accurate and timely information, ETA notifications contribute to a smoother commuting experience.

7. SOS Alerts

SOS alert is a crucial feature of employee transport management system for ensuring the safety of employees during their commute. In case of an emergency, employees can trigger an SOS alert, which immediately notifies the transport team. This feature ensures that help can be dispatched quickly, enhancing the overall safety of the transportation system.

8. Employee Rating & Feedback

This allows employees to share their experiences and rate the transport service. It also provides valuable insights into the quality of service and helps in identifying areas for improvement. By encouraging feedback, businesses can ensure that the transportation system meets the needs and expectations of employees.

9. Automated Billing

Billing automation simplifies the process of tracking and managing transportation costs. An ETS can generate accurate invoices based on the actual usage and predefined rates, reducing the chances of billing errors and other discrepancies. This feature ensures transparency in financial transactions and helps in budget management.

10. Reporting & Analytics

Get valuable insights into the performance of employee transportation system. Generate detailed reports on various metrics such as vehicle usage, fuel consumption, punctuality, and more. These insights help in identifying areas for improvement and making data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency.


    An employee transport software is essential for corporates looking to optimize their transportation operations. Some essential features of employee transport management system include live tracking, easy scheduling, auto-routing, real-time notifications, SOS alerts, and more. Implementing an ETS not only enhances employee satisfaction and productivity but also contributes to the overall success of the organization.