Is your employee transport service company also struggling with closing clients, despite having a good network and hold on the transport industry?

But why?

Because you are still operating the old-fashioned way. Even after offering 5-star service in every area of transportation such as vehicle maintenance and driver compliance, you just don’t seem to be growing. The major reason behind this is that you are not able to offer a complete wholesome solution to corporates that addresses all their needs.

In this blog, let’s briefly understand what challenges an employee transport service provider like yours faces and how Safetrax, a tech-only solution can help you overcome them.

Why Your Employee Transport Service Company is Not Growing?

The unorganized nature of transport operations often leads to delays, confusion, and increased operational costs for a corporate. Just onboarding an employee transport service does not solve their entire purpose of providing transportation to their employee.

Corporates want to offer seamless and safe commuting experiences to their employees, however, your company only provides vehicles for commuting and not a wholesome experience. This increases manual work for scheduling and coordinating for corporates, along with communication hassles, safety concerns, and operational inefficiencies.

However, we understand that your expertise lies in offering transport services and offering an experience beyond that can be highly challenging. So, we at Safetrax take responsibility for providing a safe and convenient experience to corporates, while you do what you are best at.

Safetrax: A Tech-Only Employee Transport Solutions Helps Service Providers to Grow

Safetrax is the perfect missing part of the puzzle that can revive employee transport service providers and help them grow and reach new heights. We are a tech-only cloud-based employee transport management software that helps corporates efficiently manage employee transport operations with automation. Our sole mission is to ensure operational efficiency and build safer commuting experiences for employees.

This makes us a perfect partner for an employee transport service like yours. Not only this, but Safetrax employee transport management software also empowers your drivers by offering a dedicated, easy-to-use driver app. The app allows them to know upcoming trips and communicate better with employees. The driver app also helps them in case of emergencies such as a vehicle breakdown, or an accident to ask for immediate help.

Our SaaS solution helps corporates with easy scheduling, live tracking, incident management, seamless communication, and more.

1. Auto-Routing

Intelligent auto-routing maps out the most efficient routes, ensuring timely pick-ups and drops. Additionally, ensuring optimum vehicle usage and fuel consumption to save costs.

2. Easy Scheduling

With a tech partner in place, your clients don’t need to engage in constant back and forth with you to check the availability of the vehicles. They can easily schedule trips in advance, giving you also a clear picture of future bookings.

3. Live Tracking

Live tracking enables you to provide complete transparency to your clients. The corporate transport teams don’t need to check with you for the location of every vehicle. They can easily check how many vehicles are running on a particular day and on what locations.

4. Safety

An employee transport management software helps ensure employee and driver safety with dedicated apps. These apps allow them to trigger SOS alerts in case of any emergency to seek immediate help.

5. Billing Automation

You no longer need to chase your clients for payments. With Safetrax, corporates can automatically access their billing information and cost breakups, ensuring transparency and timely payments.

6. Analytics & Reports

An employee transport management software enables users to analyze service providers’ performance. This will help you to showcase your service quality in terms of driver punctuality, vehicle maintenance, and adherence to overall corporate policies.

7. Rating & Feedback

Employee transport service businesses can also improve their overall performance and client satisfaction by accessing reports of ratings and feedback. With Safetrax employee transport management system employees fill out a trip feedback form.

8. Regulatory Compliance

Safetrax helps operators and corporates adhere to regulatory standards, ensuring compliance with transportation laws and regulations, thus mitigating legal risks.


Safetrax isn’t just a software; it’s a game-changer that empowers growing employee transport service businesses to elevate their service quality, streamline operations, and offer enhanced customer satisfaction.

Modernize your employee transport service and take the first step towards a more efficient, safer, and smarter future. Get on board and partner with Safetrax to witness the transformation firsthand! Book a Free Demo Now and connect with our experts.