As companies follow the growth curve, one of the significant challenges they face is to offer safe and efficient transportation to their employees. This has emerged as a major, especially in the post-COVID scenario, where corporates are calling employees back to the office, but employees still resist office commute. It becomes the company’s responsibility to ensure employees’ timely arrival and exit so they can be more productive and efficient. 

As simple as it may sound, managing employee transportation is an uphill battle if the company has huge manpower. This is where an employee transport management system comes in. 

An employee transport management system makes it easier for organizations to manage transportation by streamlining, routing, scheduling, and tracking vehicles while keeping employee safety as the focal point.

1. Reduced commute time

Implementing an employee transport management software like Safetrax can reduce your employees’ commute time. They will no longer be stuck in the lines of public transport or traffic for 2-4 hours at least 5 days every week of their life. With an ETS you can offer them convenient and quicker pick-ups and drops by using route optimization functionality. This will help you avoid traffic and suggest quicker routes, eventually reducing employees’ travel time.

2. Ensure Hassle-Free Travel Experience

Using a transport automation app allows the employee to exactly see when and where his/her vehicle will be arriving for pick up or drop. In fact, in one call they can contact the driver, that too with masked numbers, ensuring their privacy always remains intact.

3. Improved Employee Safety

An employee transport management solution like Safetrax ensures that employees are safely picked up and dropped. Every employee gets a verified driver and trip details that they can match to board the right vehicle. Especially addressing the increasing need for female safety, the Safetrax employee app comes with an SOS button. Either your driver is misbehaving or overspeeding, or even if employees face any medical emergency during the trip, they can trigger an SOS alert. Within seconds, they will receive a call from the admin department and the issue will be resolved at the earliest.

4. Increased productivity

Stress is inversely proportional to productivity. When employees get a hassle-free travel experience they tend to reach the office more relaxed. This allows them to instantly get to work as they reach the office, rather than ranting about their inconvenient travel experience.

5. Cost savings

Systematically planned routes help drivers avoid traffic congestion and align pick-ups and drops in the shortest time and route possible. This saves fuel costs and also helps organizations make the maximum use of available seats. This further, helps organizations to avoid deploying an extra number of vehicles, drivers, and vendors.


Looking at all these pointers, it can safely be concluded that the use of an employee transportation system can bring a huge impact on an employee’s well-being and a company’s overall performance and productivity along with saving costs on many fronts.