Employee Transportation is one of the top expenses for medium and large-sized IT companies. As the company operations expand and more employees join the fold, transportation expense is also likely to increase manifold, and inefficiencies can creep in. Since the transport operations are managed by the transport desk under the Facilities department, the management is usually in the dark about the various operational and financial metrics. Aside from the budget allocated for transport, management is unaware of whether the budget has been judiciously spent. Hence, there is a definitive need for a transport automation system with a management-specific dashboard and reports. Below are few ways it adds value to the management.

Reliable Data

In a manual system where the data is tracked in excel and presented to management in the form of presentations, there is always the potential for intentional or unintentional manipulation. With an automated system, the entire workflow is digitally managed with role-based access and a complete audit trail. This eliminates the scope for any manual data manipulation.

Stay on top of Key Metrics

With management dashboards and analytics, management can stay on top of specific operational and financial metrics which gives them a quick idea of the performance of the operations and the expense.

Employee Productivity

A recent study in the UK across 34,000 workers has confirmed that longer commutes can have a direct impact on employees’ health and productivity and in extreme cases lead to attrition. With optimized routing, the routes can be simplified and travel time reduced thereby giving precious time back to the employees. This can enable a pleasant experience and therefore result in a positive impact on employees’ health and productivity. On-time arrival is another metric that can improve employee productivity. With better tracking and control, an automated system improves the on-time arrivals thereby enabling employees to report to work on time.

Safe Transport

When a company provides transportation, the company is obligated to ensure the safety and security of employees during pickup to the office and drop back home. With a robust transport management system, management can take comfort from the fact that the employees are transported in a safe and secure manner with well-defined controls, levels of escalation, and intelligent response mechanisms.

Peace of Mind

Despite the best preventive measures, there is always a remote chance of any untoward incident. When such a rare unfortunate incident occurs, management is questioned by the police and other agencies regarding safety precautions taken by the company. With an end-to-end transport management system in place, management can safeguard themselves from police and laws for having implemented robust safety systems and running a fully compliant operation.