Most fleet management solutions do not have a comprehensive driver behaviour monitoring solution. As a transport manager, whether managing a small or large fleet you would be interested in knowing who your best and least performing drivers are and discern what makes them perform better or worse.With a new advanced Israeli GPS module which has additional sensors and ports, we have been able to capture gamut of important signals which has enabled us to build a comprehensive driver behaviour monitoring solution. We are proud that is the first of its kind solution offered in the Corporate and School Bus Transportation segment.

Key Features

Track up to 20 different manoeuvrese Safe can record a broad range of driving manoeuvres such as harsh braking, swerving, sudden acceleration, sudden lane change, etc. The multitude of data will help in comprehensive driver management and vehicle maintenance. Dashboard Rich visual dashboard with a plethora of charts will help in instant visualization of all the driver performance parameters and the vehicle condition. Armed with this new data and insights you can significantly optimize the performance of your fleet. Scorecard Scorecard helps you identify your best and least performing drivers and reward or take corrective actions. Depending on your particular fleet goal, such as safety or fleet productivity, you can define and measure various metrics.

Benefits for ETS

It helps in reducing vehicle maintenance and fleet operational costs for transport vendors. Companies can use driver scorecards to encourage responsible driving and proactively warn or suspend drivers whose safety and productivity metrics are not meeting the minimum criteria. It also helps companies in their green initiatives as responsible driving helps reduce carbon emissions.

Benefits for Schools

Monitoring the driver behavioural data, schools can proactively warn or remove the risky drivers from the rolls. This can improve driver safety quotient and reduce accident rates. Schools that own the fleet will benefit in fleet maintenance, reducing operational costs and fuel bills by using eSafe solution.