Ordinary employees often face the stress and anxieties of daily public commute. They may worry about the fare, traffic conditions, and the idea of getting late for work. You might not know it, but this can affect their productivity and performance within the company. To curb this issue, some businesses have begun providing transport for employees.

According to the Harvard Business Review, an average worker spends 41 minutes a day commuting to the office. Worse, the majority of the time spent is spent waiting in line for the bus, train, or cab. By providing transportation services for your employees, you can reduce their commuting time. In turn, they can use the extra time to do more work in the office.

With that, here are reasons why you should start optimizing your transport management for employees.

Ensures employees’ safety and health

The COVID-19 pandemic has made commuting even more dangerous for your employees. Using public transportation can expose them and make them even more vulnerable to potential infections. Worse, they can unknowingly bring the virus with them into the office.

For many, remote work has become the solution to this problem. But with the vaccines in place, more businesses are planning to bring their employees back to the office. By providing transportation for your employees, you can reduce their risk of getting anyone in the company infected by the virus. Just make sure to align your employee transportation policy with the safety and health protocols dictated by WHO, CDC, or your local government. Some examples of policies you can include are:

  • Wearing face masks at all times
  • Maintain social distancing
  • A limited number of people inside a vehicle
  • Barring entry to those who show symptoms

Reduces commuting stress

No matter where you are, using public transportation can be a hassle. You don’t have control over your own schedule, its routings, and the traffic on the road. And when you’re in a hurry, the stops in between can start to feel a bit too long for your liking. There is also that low simmering anxiety of missing your own stop if you are not too careful. By the time you arrive at the office, you are already too stressed out and tired to work properly.

Providing corporate employee transportation can reduce commuting stress for your employees. It gives them a more definite expected time of arrival and departure compared to public transportation. Likewise, you can make sure that your drivers use a more direct route rather than going through all those needless stops in between. Better yet, it can do away with the stops altogether. Your employees simply have to get into the vehicle, and it will take them directly to the office.

Improved productivity in the office

Your employees might be allocating too much time for their commute rather than spending it to do more work in the office. Take this scenario for example. Your employee might refuse to do overtime work or even wait until the last tick of the clock just so they can get off work early and catch the bus ride home. As a result, they do less work than they can potentially have to offer.

An optimized employee transportation system can reduce commuting time for your employees. In turn, they can use this extra time to become more productive with their tasks for the day. For example, they can arrive 15 minutes earlier than usual, allowing them to prepare for the meeting that morning or check their emails. And when they need to extend their hours for the day, they won’t have to worry about missing their bus or train.

Using employee transportation software can also help you in building a logistics career. It offers features such as driver monitoring, geofencing, GPS trackers, and scheduling. This makes it easier to improve the productivity of your fleets and your overall operations.

The incentive for new and veteran employees

The competition in the job market can be tight especially if you are looking for talented and qualified hires. You need to make sure that your job offer stands out from the rest of your competitors if you want the best catch.

Beef up your incentives by offering corporate transport services for your employees. This can be a major attraction for job seekers. Aside from new hires, this can also motivate your veteran employees to work harder and better with their tasks. By taking off the burden of public commuting off their shoulders, you can create a better working environment for your workers.

Better employee management

Public transportation is an uncontrollable factor for both you and your employees. One of your workers might be late because of unforeseen circumstances such as the bus breaking down, closed roads, or a delay in the train lines. The worst part is that you have no idea what is happening to them during that time.

Thankfully, the features of employee transport management can help you manage your employees and keep track of their whereabouts while en route to the office. This includes live tracking of your vehicles, auto-routing, driver monitoring, geofencing, and scheduling.  

A safer and better workplace

In this pandemic-hit world, you need to give extra effort to keeping your employees safe, healthy, and happy at work.

Unlock efficiency with an optimized Employee Transport Management System. Streamline logistics, enhance employee commutes, and elevate productivity seamlessly. Ready to revolutionize your workforce mobility? Talk to a Safetrax Expert for more details or get a free demo!