Transport Consulting

Transform your transport operations
& employee experience.

Transport Consulting

Our deep expertise enables companies to run a more efficient and compliant transport operation. We identify gaps and uncover insight from historical data to show you the way forward and transform your transport operations and employee experience. We offer a free 360 degree technical audit of your operations to decrease inefficiencies.


We analyse your current routes in the context of the size of your fleet, seating capacity, and number of employees and provide you with recommendations to help optimize resources.

Data Security

We evaluate your data sharing norms and recommend how best to make it completely secure yet easy to manage and ensure vital information is accessed by the right personnel.

Industry benchmarking

We analyze your employee transport operations and evaluate areas that need improvement to match or surpass industry standards based on historical data of similar organizations.

Gap analysis

Our experts do a comparative analysis of actual versus potential performance to help your organization to optimize resources and strategically invest in capital or technology.

360 degrees safety and risk assessment

Safetrax will thoroughly assess every aspect of your fleet through the lense of experience and expertise to identify potential hazards and develop and implement effective solutions for 100% employee safety.t

Step 1:
Identify the Risk.
Step 2:
Analyze the Risk.
Step 3:
Evaluate or Rank the Risk.
Step 4:
Treat the Risk.
Step 5:
Monitor and Review the Risk.
Step 6:
Risk Management Evaluation.
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