Unplanned Business Trips

Employee Ad-Hoc Trips

Easily manage employee commute for ad-hoc travel requests such as airport transfers, outstation travel, etc. Safetrax employee transport software seamlessly accommodates these custom business travel requests.

Effortlessly Manage Employee Custom Trip

Streamline employee ad-hoc trip requests for client meetings, airport transfers, outstation travel, and other unplanned trips. From raising custom trip requests to the approval process – automate everything to eliminate last-minute hassles.

Features to Manage Ad-Hoc Trips

Inter & Intra Booking

Enable employees to raise requests for inter and intra-city business travel.

Custom Trip Options

Accommodate custom trip options for multiple ad-hoc employee travel requirements.

Customized Approval

Create a customized approval process to suit your organizational structure.

Add Multiple Passengers

Easily accommodate multiple passengers while raising ad-hoc trip requests.

Add Multiple Stoppages

Conveniently add multiple intermediate stoppages in a single ad-hoc trip request.

No Cut-Offs Applicable

Raise custom trip requests even for unplanned trips with no cut-off time limit.

Why Choose Safetrax?

Safetrax’s customization-focused approach makes it a perfect tech-partner to accommodate unplanned ad-hoc employee travel requests. Its dedicated customer support and safety-first approach ensures a seamless and secure traveling experience for your employees.





Safety-First Approach

Prioritizing employee safety with real-time trip updates, SOS & speed alerts, and more.

Customization Focused

We customize and deliver solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Unmatched Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is available 24X7 to provide prompt assistance.

Data Integrity Guaranteed

Complete protection for your data at all times to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Integrate & Work Smarter

SMS Integration

Streamline communication with seamless SMS integration, ensuring prompt updates in real-time.

CRM Integration

Enhance efficiency with CRM integration, centralizing data for better insights and personalized interactions.

HRMS Integration

Efficiently manage HR tasks with integrated HRMS, ensuring seamless employee management and data synchronization.

VoIP Integration

Upgrade and enhance communication efficiency with VoIP integration, enabling feature-rich voice communication.

SSO Integration

Streamline access control with SSO integration, providing seamless and secure authentication across platforms.

Roster Integration

Optimize employee trip scheduling with roster integration, ensuring efficient management of multiple shifts.

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