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Employee Transport Software for Corporates

Offer a seamless and secure commuting experience to your employees. From trip scheduling to live tracking to reporting and analysis, efficiently manage everything with employee transport software.

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    135+ Enterprises Trust Safetrax for Safe Employee Transportation

    End-to-End Platform to Streamline All Employee Commute

    Fixed Home-to-Office

    Efficiently manage everyday home-to-office employee commute for multiple shifts to ensure safe employee transportation.

    Shuttle Booking & Management

    Enable easy seat reservation and boarding from common nodal points for your employees to ensure maximum seat occupancy.

    Ad-Hoc Trips

    Easily book custom trips for unplanned business travel such as airport transfers, outstation, client meetings, and more.

    Integrated ETS Digital Tools

    To Experience Efficiency & Effortless Management

    Admin Dashboard

    Stay Ahead with Real-Time Updates
    Oversee all employee transport operations in real-time with 100% transparency, from scheduling to live tracking. Keep employees secure with SOS alerts during office commute.

    Employee App

    Where Efficiency Meets Safety
    Enhance your employees’ commuting experience with convenient scheduling and live tracking features. Ensure their safety with SOS alerts and other real-time trip alerts.

    Employee App

    Where Efficiency Meets Safety
    Enhance your employees’ commuting experience with convenient scheduling and live tracking features. Ensure their safety with SOS alerts and other real-time trip alerts.

    Driver App

    Navigate with Ease
    Improve your drivers’ performance with efficient auto-routing and navigation support. Ensure smoother operations with secure communication channels and upcoming trip details.

    How It Works for Corporates?

    Elevate your employee transport in 4 easy steps.


    Get a free demo of Safetrax to understand its benefits and functionalities.


    As per the requirement gathering, seamlessly implement our software in the existing system.


    Product technical training and support for your admins, employees, and drivers.

    Go Live

    Smoothly launch Safetrax and bring it to full operational use for all.

    Why Safetrax?

    Elevate your employee commute with a tech-only solution, placing safety at the forefront. Choose unparalleled auditing capabilities, customization options, and support to adapt to your corporate needs with Safetrax employee transport software.





    Integrate & Work Smarter

    SMS Integration

    Streamline communication with seamless SMS integration, ensuring prompt updates in real-time.

    CRM Integration

    Enhance efficiency with CRM integration, centralizing data for better insights and personalized interactions.

    HRMS Integration

    Efficiently manage HR tasks with integrated HRMS, ensuring seamless employee management and data synchronization.

    VoIP Integration

    Upgrade and enhance communication efficiency with VoIP integration, enabling feature-rich voice communication.

    SSO Integration

    Streamline access control with SSO integration, providing seamless and secure authentication across platforms.

    Roster Integration

    Optimize employee trip scheduling with roster integration, ensuring efficient management of multiple shifts.

    What Clients Say About Us

    We have been working with Safetrax for over 2 years and have always appreciated the extensive support from their team and always been able to grasp our ideas quickly and implement them within our deadlines.

    Deepak Kamboj

    Transport Operations, E&Y

    Running transport operations for 1500+ employees across locations would not have been so easy without Safetrax solution. This complete automation platform cut down manual procedures, reduced efforts & improved efficiency.

    Anuj Saxena

    Facility & Transport Coordinator, Web Help

    My employees feel safe while commuting and well-cared for at Maersk. They reach the office on time and thanks to the live tracking feature, they know exactly when the cab will arrive. Safetrax’s various features allow me to utilize my employee transport fleet in a way that’s efficient and economical.

    Pravin Kumar

    Admin Specialist, Maersk

    Make Employee Commute Safer with Safetrax!

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