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Live Tracking Dashboard

Safetrax comes with the most sophisticated dashboard that effectively tracks both the vehicle status and events during commute. The stream of real-time data is presented in an intuitive and functional user interface, which helps in easy tracking of trip status such as Late, On Time, Idle, Route Deviation, and status such as Boarded & Reached Destination.

Trip Management

Shiftwise, stay on top of all Currently Active Trips, Trips Deployed and Trips Pending for Deployed. With a single click on trip, you can drill down to more specific data such as vehicle entry/exit time, employee boarding/deboarding time and no shows.

SOS Dashboard

Shows the emergency alerts along with the vehicle and employee’s exact location to everyone involved: from the authorities, to the administration team, to nearby colleagues traveling in cabs, so that swift assistance can be delivered.

Trip Trace

View the exact route taken by the Vehicle for the trip and also ensure that Employee was picked/dropped at the approved location.

Rostering & Routing

Transportation in corporations is unorganized with a supervisor allotting vehicles with a manual routing process defined few hours before the trip. These arbitrary ways of dedicating vehicles lead to underutilization, cost a ton of money, and increase travel time. Safetrax’s Routing algorithm automates the entire process, allocating vehicles in the most optimum, efficient, and safest way possible.


Self Rostering system can be directly accessed by employees or SPOC’s to make any edits to schedule. Employees can also access rostering via Employee App.

Minimum Cabs, Maximum Pickup/Drops

Routing algorithm takes as inputs the number of available vehicles, seating capacity of each vehicle, pickup/drop time, maximum time of travel, distance between pickup points, and produces an accurate and optimum routing plan. The routing ensures optimum mix of vehicle types leading to maximum number of pickup/drops in minimum number of trips. This results in utmost utilization of available vehicles in the fleet.

Safe Travel for Women

Employee safety is our priority. Complying with Nasscom, FICCI guidelines our Routing algorithm ensures that a woman employee is never the first pickup and the last drop, and periodic change of drivers is done to avoid familiarization.

Employee App

Safetrax employee app will be a great value added offering IT/ITES companies can offer to their employees as it offers great convenience and safety to the employees. The user friendly app offers a unique advantage as it enables the commuting employees to raise SOS alerts in panic situations via multiple modes.

Before each pick up and drop, employees can also real time track the vehicles and view Driver/Vehicle details along with photos to board the correct cabs


Available on Android and iOS

Intuitive Gestures to Summon Help

Sending an SOS alert through the android app can be done discretely and quickly using preset gestures. SOS alerts are quickly sent to colleagues who live (or) commuting nearby so that help reaches the employee quickly. SOS alerts also activate a bridge that instantly connects the employee, admin and the driver.

Know When the Cab Arrives

The employee app offers real time vehicle tracking and the Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA) makes it easy for employees to know where and when their cab will arrive.

Request Adhoc Trips

Employees extending their schedule can request for adhoc drops in a quick and easy manner.

Driver App

Safetrax driver app helps admins to communicate with the driver effectively and is a great option in operations where vehicles change quite frequently. It enables the companies eliminate paper trip sheets as the employee pickup/drop details can be sent via the app. Drivers can also communicate with the employee (direct call via server with number invisible to the driver) through the app while on trips.

Available on Android

Employee Authentication

Employees can enter their unique OTP to authenticate their use of cab.

Pickup / Drop details

Drivers can view the list of employees to be picked / dropped along with pickup/drop points.


Navigation helps drivers with the directions to pickup/drop employees.


Safetrax analytics presents the transport and management team with comprehensive and actionable data in both visual and report format. The big data generated by the application eliminates tons of manual labour hours which are otherwise expended in collating, reconciling and preparing reports.


Safetrax has comprehensive billing features and real time audit trail that can be used by the IT/ITES companies and fleet operators to increase operational efficiency, minimize paper work, billing disputes and reduce payment cycle.

Driver Performance

Do you know how many vehicles are delayed today? Do you know who your best performing drivers are? Safetrax driver performance reports will allow you to evaluate overall operational efficiency for driver punctuality, latency, driver behaviour scoring, and fleet performance.

Employee Reports

In IT/ITES companies, 10 – 50% of employees avail company cab services, hence it’s become imperative to analyse employees utilization of the transport services to optimize the cab operations. Employee reports will help you determine the employee volume, no shows/swipes, and cab utilization/cancellation.

GPS Tracking Device

Safetrax powered GPS Tracking device provides an added advantage to corporates with following features:

  • Location signalling (signalling in intervals of 5 – 10 seconds)
  • Internal memory supports 12 hours of offline tracking
  • Extensive Hardware Integration – Panic Button, GPS Camera, RFID & Microphones
  • Incident Notifications – Overspeeding, Idling, Unplugging, etc

As an alternate, Driver App installed on driver’s smartphone can be used to track vehicle movement.

Access Card Reader

GPS device integrates with range of high and low frequency HID and RFID readers.With HID integration, employees can use their official cards for transportation as well.

Panic Button

The elegant and functional panic button is installed in strategic locations in buses and cabs for easy access to employees in emergency situations.

eSafe is a Driver behavior monitoring solution which helps you analyze undesirable driver behaviors such as speeding, swerving, hard braking, etc and eliminate inefficient driving habits, increase safety and keep costs down.

Driver Scorecard reporting allows you to focus on drivers who need more training while also providing a mechanism to reward your safest drivers.



eSafe records range of abnormal driving behaviour


Harsh Acceleration

Sudden Lane Change

Over Speeding


Sudden Lane Change

Harsh Acceleration

Over Speeding


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