Safetrax is an employee transport management and automation platform which allows your transport admins to easily create routes, manage the fleet and track each active vehicle location in real time.

We have solutions for all your safety concerns. Office premises begin the moment your employee is picked up by company transport and ends when they are dropped off. Protect your employees and by extension, your business, by choosing an automated employee transport management app which ticks all boxes, even the pandemic- related ones.

Here's a detailed look at Safetrax's Features:



Save costs and fuel by using our Autorouting feature which identifies the most optimal routes based on employee count, drivers/cabs availability, and pickup/drop points.


Leave bulky paper registers where they belong- in the past. Upload a digital roster of employees and drivers onto a secure cloud-based server that can only be accessed with proper authorization.

Bulk Scheduling

While manually scheduling even a single trip usually took a few hours to complete, you can now schedule multiple trips within moments using Safetrax

Auto-Escort Assignment

Female employees travelling home late at night are automatically assigned an escort to accompany them home to prevent misbehavior from drivers.

Covid-19 Proofing

Vehicles carrying your employees will be well stocked with sanitizers and masks. Our Autorouting algorithm adjusts routes around govt updated red and green zones in real-time. Red zones are automatically excluded using geofencing

Organize Employee Tracking System


Most employees are not happy with manual transport operations because of various issues like longer routes/times, missed change requests by transport admins etc. With automation, their satisfaction levels are improved substantially

100% Client Satisfaction


Low Overheads

Decrease in overhead costs and expenses

Less Travel Time

Decrease in Travel Time

More Space

Increase in Seat Utilization

Easy Scheduling

Reduced time for Scheduling Trips
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