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School Bus Transport & Child Safety Compliance Audit

The School Bus Transport Audit is conducted by industry veterans with years of experience in Transport and Road Safety guidelines. The 2-day study will involve thorough audit under the following facets of Child Transport Safety and Compliance at your school

Bus Safety Features

A thorough inspection of vehicles, owned and managed by the school, against safety standards ranging from availability of safety instructions, first aid kit, fire extinguishers etc. to physical condition of exit doors, locking systems, window grills etc., is conducted for 100% of the vehicles

Statutory Compliance

Examining records held with the transport department to ascertain whether all vehicles have fitness certificate issued by the RTO. Validity of pollution and insurance certificates are also checked.

Driver & Attendant Qualification

An audit of drivers and attendants is conducted to ensure that they have the relevant minimum experience of driving heavy vehicles and have no record of traffic offences. They should also be qualified as per the Motor Vehicle rules, 1993 and any state-specific statutory requirements.

CCTV & Vehicle Tracking Requirements

The audit covers the availability and effectiveness of CCTV and Vehicle Tracking requirements. Random audit of CCTV footages and live tracking and historic tracking of vehicles is done to ascertain clarity and accuracy of the system.

Other Safety Features

Robustness of safety features like attendance during arrival and dispersal of all students (both transport users and non-transport users) is checked. Interviews are conducted with the staff members/security personnel who are designated to oversee the movement of vehicles and children during drop/pick up.

Road & Transport Safety Education

A 4-hour session is conducted by qualified Safety practitioners to educate all stakeholders (drivers, attendants, security guards, teachers in-charge, Transport Coordinators) and a certificate is provided at the end of the training session.

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