Transport Consulting


Our deep expertise enables companies to run a more efficient and compliant transport operation

We identify gaps and uncover insight from data to transform your transport operations and employee experience.

Transport Policy & Governance

  • Review of your current Transport Policy
  • Review of prevailing processes (from Employee Hiring to Employee Exit)
  • Assessment of Governance Structure, composition of transport desk (direct, outsourced, vendor staff, leadership etc.)
  • Recommendations on risk governance, quality control and training needs for better compliance

Industry Benchmarking

  • We deliver unbiased comparisons of your transport operation relative to peer organizations and those considered best-in-class.
  • Our benchmarks support such transport challenges like Total cost, Emp Satisfaction, compliance by tracking key metricssuch as Cost per Employee, Vehicle utilization%, On time Arrival %, No show %, Employee Satisfaction results
  • Benchmarking offers both a stake in the ground to determine where an enterprise is today and a future road map thatshows where opportunities lie.

Data Analysis

  • We provide valuable insights by analyzing operational data , using our big data expertise.
  • Analysis of current routing vs. optimal routing, Cab usage Index, Transport Management manpower headcount, caboccupancy analysis helps in streamlining and optimizing your transport operation.

Gap Analysis

  • Benchmarking provides the art of the possible. Our gap analysis involves review of factors contributing to yourcurrent state.
  • Output of the analysis is in the form of action plan, with timelines, to address each of the factors to achieve thedesired state.


  • Based on data analysis and Industry bench-marking, we arrive at the areas of optimization
  • Our consulting team provides Actionable recommendations to optimize your current processes and introduce new practicesto run a lean, efficient and cost effective operation.

360° Safety & Risk Assessment

  • Safety and Risk assessment involves detailed interviews with all stakeholders of your employee transport system. Viz.Drivers, Security Guards, Employees.
  • Areas of potential threats are identified and based on industry best-practices, a detailed plan for risk mitigation isprovided.

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