White Labeling

Develop your brand identity through app design. Branded dashboards and apps play a significant role in developing company loyalty.

The app dashboard is the main point of contact between you and your customers and drivers. So it's important to use design to create a connection with users. With Safetrax, you can brand the web dashboard and mobile apps with your company's color themes and logos. We have different skins and templates for you to choose from to make your app look sharp.

Safetrax is a trailblazer in the Employee Transport Services management sector. We plan on consolidating our hold as dominant players in the B2B segment only. We are purely tech players and do not want to get into the fleet operations space. So you can trust us to be a fleet management partner without encroaching on your territory. We're just here to provide end-to-end solutions and customize them for your particular needs.

For airport, ad hoc pick up or any kind of on-demand ad hoc trips, try Autologix.

MTAP Technologies recently launched Autologix to help you fulfill on-demand trip requests like airport pickup, food delivery, maintenance services, salesman commute, and other ad hoc trip request

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